Ecanvasser -> Mailchimp  (push contacts/voters/lists one way) 

What can you do from Mailchimp?

  1. Creating social posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  2. Creating websites

  3. Creating social advertising campaigns

  4. Creating volunteer/donor signup forms

  5. Doing online surveys

Name and design your post.

We are going to start with a Facebook post. What you will need is some copy. So what kind of message are you sharing?

Many people choose to share videos or blog posts. Candidates or campaigners may share election news such as a notice about the next event. Including an image or some visual will mean your content will stick out more.

Other benefits of the new Ecanvasser x Mailchimp integration

Seamlessly automate your campaigning

Creating email campaigns doesn't have to be stressful. By linking up with Mailchimp, not only do we want to make reaching out to voters as easy as possible, we also want to be awesome looking. Brand these emails with your campaign logo, increase your brand and reach with every mail you send!

You can now do targeted digital communication!

Mailchimp's powerful targeting options help you reach the right people where they're already hanging out. Design and publish your ads in the same place you manage your other marketing, so you can keep your branding consistent across all your channels.

If you have various lists on Ecanvasser, you will be able to view that contact and the list they are as a tag in Mailchimp. Mailchimp's tags and segments make it easy to organize contacts in meaningful ways, so you can quickly act on insights from your data.

GDPR compliant voter contact.

Ecanvasser is a GDPR compliant platform so before if you were dubious about random lists of people being exported into your email database, take comfort in knowing that with Ecanvasser's new e-signature functionality, you know that anyone's information has been collected with their consent.

Direct mail features

Many campaigns still opt for direct mail during election season. If you want to modernize this traditional form of communicating. You can now use Mailchimp to design postcard which you can then send to the lists of people who form in Ecanvasser. Learn more here .

If you want to know more about what Mailchimp offers, you can check it out here. Remember every successful political campaign, while having a solid foundation in field work should also consider a digital strategy. What better way to get all this functionality than setting up an Ecanvasser account today.

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