The Members Directory brings all of your team together for the first time in one place. You will get an overview of every user on our new map view, see their level of activity, as well as contact them.
It can be accessed from the Leader view of your organization:

Along the top, you will see key stats as the number and types of members you have from across all of your individual Divisions and Accounts.

In the menu bar highlighted above, you can:

  • Switch between the List and Map view of our Members

  • Toggle between active members and those who have been invited but not yet registered

  • Toggle which columns of Member data we want showed within the table

Selecting Invite Member will allow you to invite a new Member to the Leader view:

  • A Leader Manager will have full access to the Leader dashboard

  • A Division Manager will have comparable access, but is limited to views of that Division to which they are invited

Note: Divisions are configured by Leader Owner and Leader Managers from the Leader homepage.

Clicking into an individual user will provide an overview of them, as well as the ability to Email, Call, and Text them, depending on available contact details.

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