Simple Use Case


Sarah, a campaign manager is working in HQ , checking in on the work done by her grassroots teams over a long weekend. One of the questions that our canvassers asked on the campaign trail was if people wanted to donate. After doing a total of 567 surveys, she is able to filter by the answers to that question from the Ecanvasser Database page.

233 people answered "Yes", they want further follow up. The quickest way to reach out to these people is through email and with the new Ecanvasser integration this has never been easier.

Campaign manager Sarah, creates a list from this filtered group. She names the list "Donor follow up". Now go to the Integrations tab and export across the list "Donor follow up" to Mailchimp. Once exported across, this list will automatically update everytime a change is made on the Ecanvasser end - for example if more people are added and so on.

Sarah can now email all these people with donor on-boarding emails, making her job as a Campaign manager so much easier.

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