What is Field Tracking?

Tracking organizer movements and organizer activity is a necessary part of any field organizing operations for a variety of reasons ranging from auditing, security and efficiency management. You can view your organizers in real-time, with access to relevant information which will enable you to meet your operational needs.

All your organizer activity information is located on the Field Tracking page within your Ecanvasser dashboard:

Understanding Field Tracking

The information available in the FIELD TRACKING page provides you with an audit trail of your organizing teams field activity including these key data points:

  • Attempts - this metric is used to measure how many interactions (successful or unsuccessful) have been recorded by the organizer

  • Hit Rate % - this measures the performance of the level of successful interactions compared to total interactions

  • Last seen - this refers to the last time the organizer completed an interaction

You can drill down further into each organizer's audit trail to view a list of their recorded interactions and the related information:

You can see from the above image that the interaction status information is included in the audit trail. For more information on customize app you can find it here

A traffic light alert system is used to highlight any potential discrepancies between where the location an interaction was recorded and the location of the contact that was visited.

  • A green icon indicates that the interaction was recorded within 100m of the contact location

  • An orange icon indicates it was recorded between 100m and 300m from the contact location

  • A red icon indicates that the interaction was recorded more than 300m from the contact

If the accuracy of the GPS captured is greater than 100m, it will state "No GPS captured".

Viewing your organizer report

When reviewing your organizer activity report, there are a number of filters available to you at the top of the page:

You can filter by time, useful if you want to focus on a specific timeline :

You can also filter by a specific team or all users:

There are 2 further options that you can filter by:

  • Campaign Effort - includes your archived campaign efforts

  • App type with options of All Apps, Walk App, Go App

Field Tracking is available on your Ecanvasser dashboard and is hugely beneficial to organizations of all sizes and particularly useful as a audit trail for paid field operatives.

Privacy By Design

For customers who are concerned with the protection of their location, we have engineered privacy into the platform with multi-tier location data controls.

Each mobile app user is prompted to decide whether to allow or disallow their location information from being captured.

Alternatively, you can disable location information tracking by updating the Field Tracking setting within the permission settings within the Privacy Dashboard page.

Should you have any further questions, you can reach out to one of the team at support@ecanvasser.com or info@ecanvasser.com

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