Under Permission Settings, you can manage and control access levels for a variety of features and functionalities within your account based on the permission level setting.

We appreciate that our customers can have varying security requirements and compliance controls. As a result we have made available many permission settings for you to configure. Permission Settings is available on the Customize page.

Here is the full list of features that you can control:

  • Access to Caseworker

  • Create Contact

  • Edit Contact

  • Edit Contact Name

  • Delete Contact

  • Auto Generate Contact Name

  • Field Tracking

  • Add House Notes

  • Create House

  • Edit House

  • Delete House

  • Capture Ratings

  • Record anonymous interactions

  • Capture surveys

Activating or Revoking a Permission

To activate or revoke access from a specific feature for a permission level, simply click the feature name and simply check (to activate) or uncheck (to revoke) the tick box and click SAVE.

To activate or revoke access from a specific feature for all permission levels, simply check or uncheck the "Select All" tick box and click SAVE.


Issue: Ecanvasser includes a CRM for constituency management. This functionality is best used for information from a contact requires a direct follow up, rather than for general notes. Enabling this feature will allow users to record issues via the mobile apps which will appear in the Caseworker page.

Create Contact: The permission feature allows app users to create new contacts. With the option disabled, your users will not be able to add contacts to existing houses or create new contacts.

Edit Contact: The permission feature allows users to edit any detail of a contact. Customer's who do not want any details related to a contact modified should revoke access to this feature.

Edit Contact Name: The permission feature allows users to edit the first and last name of a contact. Customer's who do not want their contacts names updated can revoke this access yet still allow organizers to edit any of the other properties related to the contact.

Auto Generate Contract Name: This feature is highly useful for customer's who are building up their contact database. When enabled, your organizers can create a contact using auto generated names (for example House Person 1, House Person 2).

You can enable this feature if you do not want to capture actual names, or where you want to use placeholder names until your organizers have engaged with the contacts.

Click on the settings icon to configure the default first and last name.
Check the auto append number increment tick box if you want to add 1, 2, 3 after each auto generated name - especially useful if you are tracking multiple contacts at the same address!

Delete Contact: The permission feature allows users to delete individual contacts, useful if a contact is no longer resident at a specific address.

Create House: The permission feature allows users to create new Houses either through

Edit House: The permission feature allows users to edit the addresses of Houses. Disable this feature if you do not have organizers to modify addresses in your contact database.

Delete House: The permission feature allows users to delete Houses, and all their contacts at that address. Disable this feature if you do not want organizers to delete addresses from your contact database.

Rating: Rating allows your organizer to record their opinion of a contacts level of support or engagement on a 5 star scale in a single click. You can decide if this is the method that works best for you. You can also modify the overall description of the rating plus the individual description for each of the 5 star ratings.

Click here to learn more about configuring your Rating settings

Anonymous Interactions: With this option enabled, your organizers will record interactions based on the the house as opposed to the individual occupants within a house. This option is disabled by default.

We advise that you take extra care when deciding to enable this option as all data related to the interaction (e.g. the interaction status, rating) will apply to the house only and not the individual occupants within the house

When enabled, information regarding anonymous interactions will not apply when filtering via the Contact page on the Database, rather they will apply when filtering from the Houses page on the Database page (which also includes results tied to Contacts), as well as the Map page, which also provides results based upon Houses and not Contacts.

Survey: Ecanvasser offers a lot of ways for gathering data. If you decide Surveys aren't for you, you can disable these here, to help unclutter your Interaction Screen.

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