The Analytics page provides you with an abundance of data and statistics on how your accounts are developing, providing you with the necessary insights to decide on a course of action. This allows you to become data informed when making strategic decisions. Analytics on the leader level will give you the combined view of all accounts within the leader level.

To get started, select your Analytics page:


You can filter your Analytics a number of ways to suit your requirements:

  1. Here you can filter by Walk App or Go App with other Fields such as Answered interactions, Issues reported, New contacts added and many more available.

  2. Here you can also view each divisions Data individually or if you need to compare campaigns select 2 or more.

  3. Here you can adjust the date range.


Once you are ready to export your data

  1. Select Export

  2. Select the required date range (leave blank for all time)

  3. Select your Division or Divisions

  4. You can also select Campaigns with in each Division

  5. Once your file is ready it can be found in the Documents section of the dashboard

Please note Analytics on the Leader level will update every 24hrs, While on an Account Level the updates are in real time.

To learn more about Analytics

If you have any questions reach out to us in app, or contact

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