Your Ecanvasser subscription couldn’t be easier to manage.

If you find you need to increase your Database, gain access to extra features such as Field tracking or you are decreasing and feel a lower plan would meet your needs.

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How to Upgrade or Downgrade my Subscription.

  1. Access your Account Settings via the profile menu drop down (found on the right hand side of the dashboard).

2. Once you have selected Account Settings via the profile menu drop down on the top right hand side of the tool bar.

3. You will be brought to the Account Settings page where you a have number of options to manage your account details or to change your Subscription.

Manage Subscription

Here you can Upgrade Your Plan or Downgrade your plan.

  • Select Account settings.

  • Select Manage Subscription.

  • Chose the plan you are moving to.

  • The price change will be reflected Pro rata on your next invoice.

Please Note if you are changing your subscription to a lower plan your contact Database will need to be lowered to the chosen plans Database limit before changing.

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Automatic upgrade

Ecanvasser’s subscriptions are currently based on the amount of contacts based in your database plus the number of user licenses.

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When you exceed the number of contacts database, you will see an increase in your subscription applied to your subscription.

You will receive a number of advisory email notifications to alert you when your account has exceeded its the contacts limit. You will also see a warning banner on your Dashboard to advise you of the upgrade.

If you are upgraded as a result of going over your subscription limits the new price rate will be applied to your next invoice from the date of the change. If you decide you need to Stay on the current plan you will need to reduce the number of contacts in your database back to that of the subscription level required and change your subscription through your account settings as above.

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