From time to time, users may have see an alert message when trying to log in that are related to licensing. Here are some common reasons and steps to resolve the issues.

What do login alert messages mean?

1. Request Access:

  • This will occur when all licenses are in use. The user is prompted to send a request via the app to gain access. The Account manager/s will receive an email alerting them to the request.

  • The Account manager can then review the licenses in the members directory to free up a license that is not currently being used, this includes Locked licenses as revoking a "Free" Locked license will make it available to be used as a shared license. This users license will remain revoked on the account until they attempt to log in again, at this point they will be assigned a Shared license only. Unless reapplied in the directory as a Locked license once the license is available again.

2. Attention your user license has been revoked:

  • This alert message is displayed when your license has been revoked (either manually or automatically). You need to contact your account admin should you need to have your license re-activated.

For Account Managers/Admins please visit these pages to..

To learn more how Locked and shared Licenses work please click here

For information on purchasing additional licenses for your team please click here

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