Create events to help promote, schedule and organize any aspect of your operation. Choose a location, the attendees and send a notification directly to your users.
Start meeting in real life, promote upcoming events and help your team to stay more connected and engaged!

How to Create an Event

To create an event, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Select Events on the side menu of your dashboard.

2. Next, select "Create Event" which will launch your events window.

3. Select whether you want to create an Online or In-Person event.

4. You will now be prompted to name your event and add a description.

5a. For "Online Events" you can add a link to the online video call

5b. For "In-Person Events" you will be prompted to choose which campaign effort to associate with your event.

How To View Your Event

Once you have completed the steps above, you can take a moment to see how the event will look on both the Dashboard and App by selecting the appropriate icon in the top right corner of your preview:

6. Inserting a Cover Photo:

  • You can upload a cover photo for your event, this helps to give context to the event for your team

  • Simply click on the Photo icon to add a photo. Don't worry if you don't have a photo readily available as you can edit the event at a later stage and upload an image then

7. Setting the Location:

For "In-Person" events you will also be prompted to add the event location

  • Type the address in the Event Location field

  • You can confirm on the Map view

  • There's also an option to add additional information such as parking details, etc.

8. Selecting the event Start & End Time

For all event types, you are asked to set the start and end date and time.

This is especially important so that your team arrive on time and on the right day!

Inviting your Team

Next, it's time to invite your members to your event. You can invite members by selecting any of these options :

  • Everyone: this will invite all team members in your directory.

  • Permission: this will invite all members on the chosen permission level.

  • Team: this will invite all members of the chosen team(s).

  • User: this will allow you to Invite any members you want to select individually.

    Finally, select "Create Event" and your invitees will be sent an email with all the event details.

Please note while you can invite as many members as you want to an Event, only users with Licenses will be able to use their Ecanvasser app.
For more on licenses click here

How to edit your Event

Once your Event has been created, you may need to modify some of the details:

  1. Select Events on your dashboard.

  2. Select the Event you wish to edit & select "Edit"

This will open the Event, simply click next to navigate to the section that you need to modify.

You can update the event name, description and update the campaign effort as shown in image (1) below.

You can also upload or change the cover photo as shown in image (2) below.

You can edit your location and update any additional details such as parking details etc as shown in image (3) below, or simply change the time and/or date in image (4) below:

If you need to modify the invitee list, this can be done as shown in image (5)

When you want to mark members as Attending or Not Attending by clicking on the icon to the right of their name, as shown in image (6)

Remember to save your changes by clicking on the UPDATE EVENT button1

How to Cancel your Event

Once your Event has been created you may need to cancel an event:

  1. Select Events on your dashboard.

  2. Select the Event you wish to cancel & select "Cancel"

  3. This will prompt you to confirm the cancellation

  4. Once confirmed an email will be sent to those who have been invited.

To learn more about Event invitations Click here

If you have any questions reach out to us in app, or contact

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