Being a small company we pride ourselves on being able to connect with each of our customers on an individual level. Recently we began to notice that some questions tend to crop up over and over again and we decided it was time to share the most common questions we get asked with our audience. So, if you want to bypass a few hours of head scratching, check out our FAQ’s below or simply ask us the question.

How do I import a Voter File? 

This is likely one of the first steps you'll take with your campaign using Ecanvasser and one of the most important.
Importing your Voter File, can be very easy, but sometimes it can be more complex, depending on a variety of reasons
Here are our guides on how to make Voter File import, one of the easiest and simplest tasks. Sometimes it can be necessary to manage your data before import, so we would always recommend checking out this article before you hit import. 

Formatting your Voter File

How to Import Voter File?

As a NationBuilder user, how do I import into Ecanvasser? 

Ecanvasser supports full two-way integration with your existing NationBuilder account, ensuring smarter canvassing for NationBuilder customers. Meaning you can import your lists from your Nation into Ecanvasser. 

Check out our user guides below for more details

NationBuilder User Guide

Importing Your Voter File

Custom Fields for NationBuilder Users

Surveys for NationBuilder Users

Geocoding, what is it?

When you import your voter file into Ecanvasser the addresses will be represented on the map. This process of converting addresses into coordinates on a map is called geocoding. It can take a little while for this process to complete, particularly if you have a large voter file, meaning you will likely have x amount of people/houses in your database but can only z amount in your Map Tab.

Check out our article on Mastering Geocoding

How do I export my data? 

Ecanvasser offers 3 different manners in which you can export data from your Voter Universe. Matching the purpose of an export to the correct export style will assist in ensuring your data is presented to you in the most optimal manner.

Exporting Your Data  - Voter Database Export, Results Export, Walk List Export

How do I create a walk list?

Perhaps some of your canvassers do not have access to a mobile device, or they would just like to use pen & paper. You can export a walk list form your dashboard to help

Walk List Export

How many devices can a campaign have?

Ecanvasser's pricing model is based on the voter file size rather than the amount of devices linked to a campaign.

So there is no limit to the amount of devices that can be used on an account.

If you can't find an answer here, please feel free to check out our more specific support documents or reach out to Support

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