Ecanvasser - A Powerful Software for Political Campaigning and Constituency Management

The Problem

Traditionally, political campaigns have been paper based processes, particularly when out canvassing in the field. This is an inefficient use of resources and leads to a number of problems:

  • Lost contact details
  • Houses missed on canvasses
  • Voter issues not being logged and followed up on
  • Time spent digitizing walk-lists

This has long been a cause of frustration, not only for candidates and campaign managers, but also for voters.

The Solution
Ecanvasser is an integrated software solution for the issues raised above. Ecanvasser allows you to import and manage your database of voters. You can map and segment these voters for easy outreach by canvass or through digital means. Ecanvasser then generates key metrics about your constituency. You will be able to easily identify voter trends and issues based on voter feedback.

Ecanvasser will appeal to both Campaign and Constituency Managers as a complete solution that meets the needs of the modern politician with a simple cloud-based offering.

Campaign Managers will see immediate benefits in how Ecanvasser allows them to streamline the processes involved in campaign management. It ensures:

  • Higher standards in campaign organization
  • Improved data analytics
  • Strengthens accountability in field operations and canvasser tracking
  • Enables specific issue tracking from voters with our CRM system, Issues

With Ecanvasser you can:

  • Plan a canvass at HQ with our smart maps
  • The canvass team completes a canvass using our mobile apps
  • Back at HQ, you can identify voter issues and trends
  • Strategize your next engagement, develop key messaging, and follow up directly through the dashboard

You can also rest assured that we will always be onhand to assist you should you need it.

Constituency Managers will also see huge benefits from using Ecanvasser. Though our constituency management features are fully integrated with the app as a whole, some campaigners feel it is their ability to engage with their constituents so reliably that is the best part of Ecanvasser.

In tandem with its reliability as a constituency management tool it also provides a fantastic visualization of your constituency. This allows constituency managers to understand their constituents better and represent them with greater accuracy.

Simply put, your data is bigger, and it’s better.

Contacting Us & Support

We want you to be confident in your choice with Ecanvasser. Please review the available support documents available to you via the Help Center or reach out to us via the white chat box and the bottom right of your screen. 

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