Your Team members are the staff and the volunteers you will be relying on in the course of your cause, organization or movement.
Depending on the role they occupy within the account, you can set different permission levels as to what level of access a Team member has to your overall Ecanvasser account.

Adding a team member

From the tab "Members Directory" select the INVITE USER button:

To send an invitation to join your account:

  1. Enter the email address or phone number of the individual you wish to invite to the Account. You can enter up to 1000 email addresses at once, saving you time :)

  2. Next decide whether you want to activate a license for these users

  3. Then select the relevant Mobile App link you want to include in the email or text invitation.
    Note - WALK is typically used for customers who have a contact file
    GO is typically used for customers who are building up their contact database from scratch or have not yet had access to their contact file

  4. Now select the permission level (we've explained these further in this article)

  5. You can also activate a Locked License for the user, Click here for more on Licenses

  6. Finally click SAVE button.

Checking the status of invites

  1. Go to the tab "Members Directory" and choose the view "Invites".

  2. From here you can see the delivery status of your invites.

  3. If you want to resend the invite or change the permission of one user, click on the wheel for both options.

  4. You can also activate a Locked License for the user.

For bulk resending the invites select all the users by the checkbox and resend the invites.

You Can also Bulk assign Locked Licenses or revoke Licenses here also.

If you want to remove a user click here for more information.

Team member permission levels

There are 5 different permissions levels that a Team member within your Ecanvasser Account. The person who created the account is the Account Owner.
There are 4 options for subsequent team members.

  • Account Manager: Has access to all features within the dashboard and mobile apps except billing administration (Account Owner may grant billing admin privileges to any account manager).

  • Staffer: Has access to most features within the dashboard and mobile apps. Restricted from creating lists. No access to Analytics or Members Directory pages.

  • Lead Organzier: Restricted access to mobile and dashboard. Unlimited access to all contacts.

  • Organzier: Restricted access to mobile and dashboard. Access limited to assigned contacts.

As the Account Owner, you will have to invite others to join the Account.
Once you appoint an Account Manager, this member can take responsibility for all aspects, excluding the billing and cancellation of the account.

There is a separate Billing Administration support article - visit here to learn more.

In deciding what level of access a Team member may require, bear in mind the following:

  • Account Managers and Staffers, are typically back-office, or HQ staff

  • Lead Organizers and Organizers are based in the field

  • Account Managers are directing Organizers in the field

  • Staffers are addressing issues raised by contacts, or interactions with contacts in the database.

  • Lead Organizers have the ability to reflect on previous reports of houses or contacts that were interacted with in the past - these are your experienced organizers who can assist and lead other regular organizers and volunteers

Generic team member accounts

Depending on the size of your account, you might know your entire team, or there may be a large amount of volunteers who are not known to you, or that can only assist for a handful of days.

In instances such as this, rather than creating countless new Team member accounts every day, which may not ever be used again, you may want to consider creating generic accounts.

These accounts can be used day after day by different individual users, with the user account not being linked with any specific individual, but rather email addresses you created specifically for this very purpose.

Follow these steps to create generic user accounts:

1. Set up a number of generic email addresses, for example:

2. Add these accounts as Team members to your account, with the appropriate permission level (this will likely be Organizer, unless you are having Volunteers interact from the Database page for a campaign effort such as Phone Banking)

3. When Volunteers arrive at a location point, have them log into the next available account having downloaded the app.

These accounts can then be used by completely separate Volunteers every day; having a generic account assigned to them as they arrive to begin the day's work.

You may wish to take into consideration appropriate security procedures in using Ecanvasser in this manner. Namely, ensuring that the permission level assigned to these accounts is appropriate, and updating passwords on the generic accounts at appropriate intervals.

Accepting an invitation to join a campaign

Account invites are issued either via email or SMS based on whether you inputted the new members email address or mobile phone number.

If a user cannot find the invite, ask them to check their Spam/Junk/Promotions folder.

Changing team members permissions

Please see this article on how to change the team members permissions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to:  

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