How to update your teams permissions

If you need to update the privileges of a member of your campaign after you have invited them or if you want to delete a campaign member from your campaign you can do so from the the user profile.

To get started, select the "Members Directory" tab from the dashboard and select the "User" icon:

How to edit the privileges of a canvasser?

Select the user you would like to edit the permissions on. Next, click the pencil icon on their contact card:

A pop up window opens and gives you the opportunity to change the privilege of the user:

How to delete a canvasser?

When you select a user you will see a symbol of three dots in the top right corner of the user profile page. If you click here you will be given the opportunity to delete the user in a second step.

If you choose "Delete User" you will be asked to confirm and the canvasser will be removed from your campaign:

Should you have any further questions, you can reach out to one of the team at or

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