To use Ecanvasser you will have to have been invited to an existing campaign, likely by your Campaign Owner.

You should receive an email from the campaign you are seeking to join (if not, check your spam folder, or reach out to your point person in the campaign, to request an invitation):

  1. Select the Sign up for Ecanvasser button within the email invitation you received
  • If you have trouble locating your invite, be sure to check your spam folder, and contact your Campaign Manager.
  1. Input:
  2. First Name
  3. Second Name
  4. A newly created password
  5. Click Join Campaign

From here, you will be brought to your Ecanvasser Dashboard.

If you are direct to the Campaign Creation screen, which requests billing information, this may be due to your browser settings placing you in the incorrect region.

To resolve this, simply right click the link in Step 1 above, and select to open it in a Private or Incognito window. Once you complete the signup process you should be able to login as normal.

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