What is Caseworker for?

During the outreach your contacts might raise matters that you will want to follow up with. For example a contact who wants to speak to the candidate, an issue that a supporter mentions or someone who wants more information on a specific topic.

Issues can be logged as text from both the Walk and Go apps and will be synced to your dashboard for you to follow-up on them. These will populate in the Caseworker section on the dashboard.

To get started, select the Caseworker tab on the dashboard:

There are 3 main parts to the Issues page:

  1. New Issue
  2. Filtering
  3. Issue Details 


These functions allow you to segment your messaging database by status.

Please see the below filter options:

There is also a variety of action items which can take place as part of your Caseworker handling you can also do this in the issue itself:

From Left to Right:

-Assign Issues

-Change Status

-Change Priorities

-Add contacts to list

-Delete Issue

Issue Details:

New Issues

Having selected New Issue, the below form will be opened. From here, simply complete the form as appropriate, and select Save to create a new issue.

  1. Ability to search for Voter's name within Database
  2. Complete form, adding details such as Name, Address, Contact Details etc. 
  3. Make sure to Save before you finish creating your New Issue

If you have any additional questions please contact: support@ecanvasser.com

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