Surveys are an important part of managing your campaign, and allow you to get valuable feedback from your contacts.

If your nation is not yet connected to Ecanvasser, click here to read how to link your nation to your Ecanvasser database.

Preparation: Create survey in your nation at NationBuilder

  1. The first step to importing your NationBuilder Survey successfully is to ensure that you have created a Survey action page within you Nation.

Login to your NationBuilder integration at the Ecanvasser dashboard

  1. At the Ecanvasser dashboard go to the tab "App Store" and choose the NationBuilder integration.

2. Make sure that you see the green logged in confirmation - and if not, login to your nation.

Importing your Survey

  1. Choose the tab "Survey" and click "Import NationBuilder Surveys".

2. You will see all of your created NationBuilder surveys in a list.

  • (1) From here you can see which surveys has no questions created in NationBuilder.
  • (2) You can click the icon to set the survey live in Ecanvasser.

3. Once you set it live the survey will be indicated with a green icon.

4. Click on the name of the survey to assign the survey to a team.

  • Click the ellipsis in the top right corner.
  • Choose "Edit".
  • Assign the survey to a team.

From here you can also see the results of the survey in an overview:

Disconnecting a Survey in Ecanvasser

If you want to disconnect a survey choose the survey and click on "set not live".

The green icon next to survey will be colored in grey.

Key Tips

As previously mentioned, in order for your Survey to import successfully, a survey answer page must be created within your Nation prior to the Ecanvasser Import.

To keep NationBuilder surveys in sync with Ecanvasser, create, edit and delete them in NationBuilder only. Don't use the Edit, or +New Question options in Ecanvasser, and do so via NationBuilder itself.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

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