Surveys are an important part of managing your campaign, and allow you to get valuable feedback from your voters. It is important to us that your experience with both them and Ecanvasser is as reliable as possible.

You have likely already imported your Voter Database via syncing your Ecanvasser and NationBuilder accounts. However, if you have not already done so, you can check out our article on how to do this here.


The first step to importing your NationBuilder Survey successfully is to ensure that you have created a Survey Answer page within you Nation. Without a survey answer page you will likely encounter a problem with your Survey import.

Once everything is correctly set up from the NationBuilder side, we can begin with the Import. To do so you first need to ensure you have logged into your Nation from Ecanvasser. 

  • You can do this by selecting the Import Voter Database icon - Followed by the NationBuilder Icon as illustrated below.
  • This will then direct you to the NationBuilder Import page (as below). From here you will sign in to your Nation. 
  • You will be directed to NationBuilder, then once you have logged in, you will be re-directed back to Ecanvasser. 

Once this is complete and you have successfully logged into your Nation through Ecanvasser, you are ready to import your Survey. 

Importing your Survey

Firstly, we need to locate to the Surveys Tab. Once we are within this Tab, we should see the Import NationBuilder Survey icon (as below).

Once this has been completed, you will have successfully imported your NationBuilder Survey into Ecanvasser!!

Key Tips

As previously mentioned, in order for your Survey to import successfully, a survey answer page must be created within your Nation prior to the Ecanvasser Import.

To keep NationBuilder Surveys in sync with Ecanvasser, create, edit and delete them in NationBuilder only.

If you wish for the information gathered by your canvassers regarding your NationBuilder Surveys, to sync back to NationBuilder, you should refrain from using the Edit, or +New Question options on the Surveys tab, and do so via NationBuilder itself.

You may still, of course, review your Survey results.

If you experience any difficulty with this, please reach out to the Customer Success Team, who will gladly walk you through the workflow. 

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