The Filter function is one of the main ways by which to segment contacts through the mobile app. Filters can be applied, and Searches can be performed on Contacts, Houses, Streets, or Lists

The Filter icon is located at the top right hand side of the app:

Filter Options

You have four main options to filter your contacts by:

  1. Name (A-Z or Z-A)

  2. Distance (based on your current location)

  3. Lists that are assigned to you and your team

  4. Interaction Status

Filters can be combined, for example you can filter based on contacts closest to your (distance) and "Call Back" is the Interaction Status.

This is useful when you want to focus on a subset of contacts that have been assigned to you.

Apply your filter section by clicking the tick icon (Android) or Apply Filter button (iOS):

Useful Tip

It's really easy to forget that you have applied a filter especially when you are focused on engaging with people and tracking the right information.

Whenever you have applied a filter, a red circle will appear over the filter icon - this should act as reminder to you that you have applied a filter!

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