As a Salesforce user, you will need to review and update app authentication settings, in particular your token refresh policy.

To learn more about how to configure a Connected App in Salesforce: Manage OAuth Access Policies for a Connected App

Should you have any issues with managing your Salesforce authentication policy, please contact Salesforce support.

Below is a brief guide to managing your Salesforce app authentication settings.

Step 1 

In your Salesforce account, go to :

Setup > Platform Tools > Apps > Connected Apps > Connected Apps OAuth Usage

Step 2

Locate the Ecanvasser App and click Install

Step 3 

Continue on with the app installation process:

Step 4 

Next, navigate to:

Setup > Platform Tools > Apps > Connected Apps > Manage Connected Apps then

click EDIT

Step 5

Review your refresh token policy settings.
We highly recommend that you select "Refresh token is valid until revoked" as this options allow your Salesforce/Ecanvasser integration to remain in active without the need to re-authorise the integration on a regular basis.

If you are experiencing issues in relation to Ecanvasser please contact

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