Why is Privacy so important?

It is no surprise that data privacy and compliance has become a huge issue over the past few years, particularly since the introduction of GDPR legislation in Europe and similar legislation around the world such at the CCPA in California. Ecanvasser has been at the forefront of data privacy compliance for organizations who deal in citizen data and we have been making constant improvements to our offering over the past 24 months. Now we are delighted to announce an expansion of our privacy dashboard to centralize all of the data protection elements of the product into one place. This privacy dashboard feature puts Ecanvasser squarely as the leader in the field of data privacy and compliance for associations, nonprofits and political organizations worldwide. With this powerful new tool data protection officers, IT professionals and anyone administering a citizen database can have peace of mind that their organization will be protected and compliant.

Where can I find my Privacy Dashboard?

Your Privacy Dashboard is available within your Ecanvasser Dashboard:

Your privacy settings include the following:

Reviewing Permissions Settings

Permission settings provide you with multiple access levels to a suite of features within the platform that lets you create a hierarchy of data access and controls. In distributed organizations or ones where there is a high volume of people needing limited access to your database these permission controls are essential for database security and activity tracking.

Click on the Review Permission Settings and you'll be navigated to the Permission Settings within the Customize App page.

There are a range of permission options which you can enable or disable based on the permission or role of the user. You can even disable/enable a feature for all users.

From a data protection perspective, this is very powerful to allow you implement technical measures to reduce the risk to the personal data that is in your database.

Anonymize Data Linked to Contacts

Once you've finished a campaign effort, depending on your Data Retention Policy, you may need to safely and securely delete the personal data in your database. However you still may want to retain that rich information that you've captured from your campaign effort such as which precinct had the highest 5 star reception rating, which street was most visited.

With the Anonymize Your Data feature, you can now bulk delete all the contacts in your database and still retain the analytics from your effort.

The contacts are permanently removed from the database and any active Campaign Effort is securely archived.

Your statistics will still be available on the Analytics page, click here to learn more.

We provide you with the ability to collect digital consent from people who you and your team engage whilst using the Ecanvasser mobile apps.
There are 4 options currently available that have a specific consent purpose:

  1. Consent to be contacted about Account updates

  2. Consent to be contacted about Volunteer events

  3. Consent to be contacted about Newsletter update

  4. Consent to be contacted about an issue reported (this option is enabled by default & cannot be disabled)

Once any of the above options are available, your team will be prompted to collect a digital signature within the interaction workflow of the mobile app.

Data Protection Contact Details

We've provided you with a place to store the Data Protection Contact details, including the Data Controller and the Data Protection Officer.

The Data Controller determines the purposes for which and the means by which personal data is processed. The account owner is defaulted as the Data Controller

Under the GDPR, certain organizations are required to appoint a designated Data Protection Officer (DPO). Organizations are also required to publish the details of their DPO and provide these details to their national supervisory authority.

An organization is required to appoint a designated data protection officer where:

  • the processing is carried out by a public authority or body;

  • the core activities of the controller or the processor consist of processing operations, which require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale; or

  • the core activities of the controller or the processor consist of processing on a large scale of special categories of data or personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

Click on the contact details section to update with name and email address of your DPO:

Privacy Notice

Privacy notices for all team members ensure that all volunteers, team members and staff will have to acknowledge the privacy notice that sets out the organization's own privacy policy. This streamlines how your organization shares it's key updates in terms of data privacy and protection.

To help you get started, we provide a sample Privacy Notice which you can edit with the relevant information. Alternatively, you can create a new privacy notice.

Once you have published the privacy notice, every member on your team will be prompted to review and acknowledge the privacy notice on their next log in to their Ecanvasser account.

Purpose for Collecting Data

When any organization collects personal data, depending on the Data Protection Laws or Regulations of your country, you will need to catalog the purpose of collecting this personal data.

You can update the purpose for collecting each data point related to contacts in your database and assign the appropriate purpose.
There are 3 default options available:

Alternatively, you can create a new category that is relevant to your account by selecting the + icon - see highlighted in the yellow box:

Here is an example of how your data could look. Any custom fields that you've created will appear in the list also, below is an example:

To learn more click here: Data Protection

Record of Data Processing Activities

The record of processing activities allows you to make an inventory of the data processing and to have an overview of what you are doing with the concerned personal data. As part of your Data Processing Agreement with Ecanvasser, we provide you with a mechanism to review your Record of Processing Activities. Typically on your second login into the Ecanvasser dashboard, you will be prompted to review and update the Record of Data Processing Activities

From the Privacy Dashboard, you can update the record, by clicking on the UPDATE DATA RECORD. This is necessary when the personal data that is being collected is classified as "special category".
To view the record, click on the "download" icon and the record will be downloaded in PDF format.

We are extremely proud of leading the way in data protection technology for organizations who are passionate about their citizen data.

If you have any questions please contact support@ecanvasser.com or info@ecanvasser.com

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