Each and every organization and campaign has different needs and workflows,

and this is certainly true when it comes to rating the interactions that your team has with your contacts.

We provide you with the ability to customize the rating description so that your team are all on the same page when it comes to how they rate each of their interactions.

Further more, we allow you to tailor the description of each of the star ratings - 1 through 5 - which should make it super clear to your organizers what each star rating means. This will give you consistency in the data that is captured!

From the Customize page, go to the Permission Settings section and locate the Rating feature permission.
Click on the settings cog which will open the Rating Description dialog box.

Within the Rating Description dialog box, you can simply edit the prefilled description and tailor each of the descriptions to suit your individual needs. Remember to click SAVE when you're finished editing!

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