The purpose of this article is to highlight the benefits of using surveys at the Leader level. This support article covers the basics of creating surveys.

Benefits of Leader level surveys

Your published Leader surveys will be pushed to every account connected to your Leader account. A survey which has been created on the Leader level can't be changed within the individual accounts.

This provides uniformity in the questions being asked and the responses being collected throughout your organization.

In each account additional surveys can be created and added to the survey from the Leader level.

Creating surveys on Leader level

  1. Go to the tab "Survey".

  2. Click on the plus to create a new survey.

  3. Click here and read here more about the basics of creating and adapting surveys

Surveys on Account Level

  1. Additionally, surveys can be created for each account separately. They are then only visible within the account that they were created in. Click here for more information on how to create or edit surveys.

  2. Surveys which were created on the Leader Level show up with a world icon. They can only be added, edited or deleted from the Leader Level. They can be published or unpublished within each account.

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