Conducting surveys is an ideal and convenient method for data gathering for whatever your research purpose is. You can build many survey questionnaires using Ecanvasser and assign to everyone within your account or to dedicated teams.

Our flexible survey solution offers you superb analytics for greater precision in terms of measuring the data gathered.

From the Surveys page you can either create new Surveys, and manage existing surveys.

Creating a New Survey

  1. On the survey page, select the plus icon to "create survey"

  2. Input an appropriate Name and Description

  3. Assign Survey to a Team, or leave blank which will assign the survey to all members

How To Add Questions  

First, select the Survey that you want to add new questions to:

  1. First, select the Survey that you want to add a new question to

  2. Now, select + NEW QUESTION

  3. Input your question

  4. Then, select the question type i.e. the format type of answers
    There are 4 options:
    - Multiple Choice
    - Yes/No
    - Text (open field)
    - 5 point scale: Strongly Agree to Strong Disagree

For Multiple Choice type answers, you can create the possible answers by selecting + ADD OPTIONS button. Simply repeat for the number of potential answers your need.

    5. To finish, click the SAVE button and this will save the new question and answer types.

Repeat the above steps for the number of questions as needed.

How To Publish A Survey

By default, any new surveys that you create are marked as Unpublished. This means that the survey will not appear in the mobile app. This wills allow you time to structure the survey with the questions and answer types. When you are ready to push the survey out to your organizers, you can utilize the Publish function.

To publish a survey, simply navigate to the Surveys page and locate the survey and click on the UNPUBLISHED tag which will toggle the survey status to PUBLISHED.

Alternative, click on the survey name that will open the full survey page, click on the three dots on the right hand side and click "Publish Survey". This action will publish the survey which will then be available to your organizers via the mobile apps.

How to Edit a Survey

There are delete a survey as well as modify the survey details including the survey name, description and assign a survey to a specific team using the Edit option which is available when clicking on the three dots.

Note - when you leave the Team section blank, then published surveys will be available to ALL members within your account.

How to Edit a Survey Question

You can edit the text of an individual question by clicking on the question:

Survey Analytics

The Analytics section within the Survey page allows you to review the collated responses captured, with filter options based on the Campaign Effort and mobile app type that was used to record the survey response:

How to Export a Survey

You can export the survey data for each survey separately:

  1. Go to the tab "survey".

  2. Select the survey that you want to export.

  3. Select the three dots next to the survey name.

  4. Choose "export".

  5. Select the efforts that should be included in your export and click the "export" button.

  6. Go to the tab "documents". From here you can access the file and download the file to your device.

Additionally, the survey results will be included in the export which is done from the tab "analytics" and "database".

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