Your Ecanvasser account and billing couldn’t be easier to manage.

From the Account and Campaign Settings on the Dashboard, at any time, you can:

  1. Review how many, if any, Trial Days are remaining
  2. Review your Notifications (Icon Found at the top right of the screen, next to the Profile Icon) 

Account Management

Having selected our Account Settings via the Profile drop down we have several options

Profile details

  1. Add a Profile Picture
  2. Change our Email address or Password
  3. Delete our Account
  4. Cancel Account (Only Campaign Owners can cancel their account)
  5. Edit Payment Details 

Additionally we can change Notifications settings, and issue reminders.

Campaigns Management

The Campaign Settings Icon is found on the Campaign Page.

After We Select Campaign Settings we can:

  1. Change Your Plan 
  2. Edit Campaign Name
  3. View Invoices
  4. Cancel Campaign

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us in app or at

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