From the Surveys Tab you can either create new Surveys, or you can manage and edit existing surveys.

Note: NationBuilder users should read the dedicated Surveys for NationBuilder Users article, prior to reading further. To learn more click here

Creating a New Survey

  1. Select the plus icon to "create survey"
  2. Input an appropriate Name and Description
  3. Assign Survey to a Team, or all Canvassers

Creating Questions  

Select the Survey 

  1. Select Add Question 
  2. Input your question
  3. Decide what type of format you would like the answers to take

If you select Multiple Choice; input one of your potential answers in the Add Response area, select +Add, and repeat for the number of potential answers your require

    4. Select Save to save this question

Repeat this process to add the required amount, or types, of questions

Managing, Reviewing, or Editing a Survey

From the Surveys tab, click on either the Name, or Description of the Survey you wish to select. Immediately from here, we can:

  • Toggle the status of the Survey (Live/Not Live)
  • Edit
  • Delete

Survey Tabs:

  • Questions: allows us to either Edit or Delete an individual Question

From The Analytics Page 

  • Analytics: allows us to review the response received in a dynamic way

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