For most customers, data syncs from Ecanvasser into NationBuilder and vice verse as they would expect rather intuitively.

However, there are some finer points that more advanced users might be interested in knowing, so below we've put together a comprehensive list of exactly where data syncs too and from.

From NationBuilder to Ecanvasser Sync Triggers

Data will sync whenever Ecanvasser or NationBuilder fire a trigger such as:

1. Importing List
When you select to Import a List in Ecanvasser, all the contacts on that List will be synced across, alongside all relevant data points

2. Updating List
All contacts who are currently on that List will be synced across, or updated if they are already in Ecanvasser

From Ecanvasser to NationBuilder Sync Triggers

Record an interaction with a Contact
Every time you interact with a Contact in Ecanvasser, the Interaction information, as well as any relevant data point updates will sync across

Edit a Contact
Each time you edit a Contact, assuming the Edited information is syncable, it will be sent across to your Nation. The following example you can see where the contact data is synced to NationBuilder:

Create or edit a contact in Ecanvasser in your Ecanvasser App Walk or Go - or on your Dashboard on your database page.

The contact data will sync to your nation and you will find the information that it is a synced contact in the contact screen of your edited contact.

Click on "Nationbuilder" and it will open up the profile in your nation:

In NationBuilder, you will find the profile with the tag of your Ecanvasser account name and Ecanvasser app type (in this case it's Ecanvasser-Walk):

What data is syncable?

Contacts & Addresses

Contacts will only sync from your Nation to Ecanvasser if they are imported via a List.

Any individual Contacts you create within Ecanvasser will sync across to your Nation, and be tagged with the name of your Ecanvasser Campaign.

If you opt to also use Ecanvasser's Import (from a spreadsheet) for any reason, you may wish to note that these bulk imported Contacts will not sync across to your Nation.

If you delete a contact from Ecanvasser, they will not be deleted from your Nation; and likewise, a Contact deleted in NationBuilder will not be removed from your Ecanvasser campaign.

To be synced across to Ecanvasser, Contacts must have both a First & Last Name, as well as a complete address.

These data points sync as follows:

It is worth noting that for optimal data structure in Ecanvasser, addresses in your Nation should be structured so as that they take advantage of NationBuilder's Apt/Suite field.

If this information is held with general address information, it may result in Ecanvasser believing this is part of the Street Name.

Interactions & Contacts

Whenever you interact with a contact in Ecanvasser, the record of that interaction will be synced across to your Nation as a Contact via Door Knock.

The Interaction Status mapping defaults to the following:

However, you have the flexibility to change the status mapping to suit your workflow

Rating - Supporter Level

Ecanvasser's Rating will sync back across to your Nation, to the corresponding field of Supporter Level.

However, NationBuilder will not push Supporter Level information to Ecanvasser's Rating.

Note: These fields are managed in the inverse, i.e. a 5 Star Rating in Ecanvasser will sync to your Nation as a Level 1 Supporter.

Individual Data Points

A number of individual fields will also sync both ways between Ecanvasser & NationBuilder, while some do not.

The chart below will indicate the flow of those that do:

Other Data Points

Any other contact data points will not sync between Ecanvasser and NationBuilder.

In the meantime, if there is a particular piece of information your require syncing between two, the usual solution is simply to opt to use Custom Fields to host the information on both sides, as outlined above.

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