Getting Started

To ensure that you get the most out of your Ecanvasser account, we suggest reviewing our top articles. They have been curated to illustrate to you how Ecanvasser works and to make certain that you understand how Ecanvasser can suit your needs. You may also well wish to review the Support Articles more broadly, avail of our user guides and gain access to the Ecanvasser Academy we want to see you get the most from this beautiful organizing solution!

Here are the recommend articles to review as your start your Ecanvasser journey:

  1. Inviting your Team

  2. Understanding your contact database

  3. Formatting your contact file

  4. Importing contacts to Ecanvasser

  5. Configuring Your Account

  6. Search & Filter Functions

  7. Lists from the database page

  8. Lists from the map page (Cutting Turf)

If you are a NationBuilder customer, we recommend that you visit our dedicated guide for NationBuilder users.

An understanding of the above features of Ecanvasser will prepare you and your team to get out into the field and see how Ecanvasser works - just remember this is the Quick Start guide, please be sure to review the Support pages in a little more detail to see what else Ecanvasser can do, and how to unleash its full potential.

Contacting Us & Support

We want you to be confident in your choice with Ecanvasser.
Please review the available support documents available to you via the Support Center or reach out to us via the chat box on the bottom right of your screen. 

You can also contact us at

Check your package here and contact us to gain access to the Ecanvasser academy!

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