This comprehensive guide will ensure that NationBuilder users have access to the overarching resources to all aspects of Ecanvasser relating to NationBuilder, for which their experience may be slightly different to other Ecanvasser users.

If you are a NationBuilder user, here is a good starting point!

Importing Voters

If you have a NationBuilder Account, then getting started with Ecanvasser couldn't be easier. We have a dedicated NationBuilder import to make things as straight forward as possible.

To get started:

  • Create a List, or Lists, within your Nation that you wish to sync across to Ecanvasser
  • From within your Ecanvasser Campaign, Link your Nation with your Campaign
  • Import your desired Lists

This process is outlined in full here:

Linking Your Nation with your Ecanvasser Campaign
Importing People via NationBuilder

Note: Your Ecanvasser campaign can only be Linked to one Nation at a time. It is not advisable to Link, de-Link, and Link again as a part of your normal workflow.


 If you're a NationBuilder user and wish to make use of Surveys which sync between the two platforms, it's a straight forward process. A few key points to note are:

  • Make sure to create your Survey initially in NationBuilder, and also create a Survey Answer page in your Nation
  • Then, via Ecanvasser, sync your Survey across

You'll find everything you need to know in a little more detail here.

Custom Fields

Like Surveys, you'll want to first create your Custom Fields in NationBuilder. These will generally sync straight across along with your Lists, without further action.

  • A voter on an imported List must have populated data regarding a field to be synced across
  • Multiple Choice Custom Fields involve an additional step
  • You can still make use of the Required Fields functionality in Ecanvasser

You'll find the full detail on all of the above here.

Data Sync - When & What?

For most users, data syncs across as they would expect rather intuitively. However, there are some finer points that more advanced users might be interested in knowing.

  • Once you import a List, you must Update that List in Ecanvasser if you've added additional Voters to it in NationBuilder
  • Canvass information will sync from Ecanvasser to NationBuilder, but not in reverse
  • If you edit a Voter in NationBuilder or Ecanvasser, this will trigger the information being updated on the other platform
  • If a required data point is not syncable between the two platforms, use a Custom Field instead

You'll find comprehensive information on exactly how individual data points sync here.

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