This guide will ensure that NationBuilder customers have access to the overarching resources to all aspects of Ecanvasser relating to NationBuilder.

If you are a NationBuilder customer, here is a good starting point!

Importing Contacts

If you have a NationBuilder Account, then getting started with Ecanvasser couldn't be easier. We have a dedicated NationBuilder import to make things as straight forward as possible.

To get started:

  • Create a List(s) within your Nation that you wish to sync to Ecanvasser

  • From within your Ecanvasser Account, Link your Nation with your Campaign

  • Import your desired Lists

This process is outlined in full here:

Linking Your Nation with your Ecanvasser Account

Note: Your Ecanvasser account can only be linked to one nation at a time.
We strongly advise you not to Link, de-Link, and Link again as a part of your normal workflow.


If you're a NationBuilder customer and wish to make use of surveys which sync between the two platforms, it's a straight forward process.
A few key points to note are:

  • Make sure to create your survey initially in NationBuilder and create a survey action page in your nation

  • You can then sync your Survey to your Ecanvasser acocunt

This process is outlined in full here:

Surveys for NationBuilder Users

Custom Fields

First create your custom fields within your NationBuilder nation.

These will generally sync straight across along with your Lists, without further action.

  • A contact on an imported List must have populated data regarding a field to be synced across

  • Multiple Choice Custom Fields involve an additional step

  • You can still make use of the required fields functionality in Ecanvasser

This process is outlined in full here:
Custom Fields for NationBuilder Users

Data Sync - When & What?

For most customers, data syncs across as they would expect rather intuitively.

There are some finer points that more advanced customers might be interested in learning:

  • Once you import a List, you must Update that List in Ecanvasser if you've added additional Contacts to it in NationBuilder

  • Interaction information will sync from Ecanvasser to NationBuilder. However, the reverse is not the case

  • If you edit a Contact in NationBuilder or Ecanvasser, this will trigger the information being updated on the other platform

  • If a required data point is not syncable between the two platforms, use a Custom Field instead

This process is outlined in full here:

NationBuilder Data Management

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