Use the Customize page to configure and customize the main aspects of your account including the management of:

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are one of the most powerful aspects of Ecanvasser as they are designed to give you flexibility and control in managing your contacts data.

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Campaign Efforts

Campaign efforts are your organization's way of engaging your community.

You can tailor your campaign efforts to your specific needs so it is clear to team members what is required of them.

Analytics data is effort specific, which means that this is an effective way to categorize your different forms of campaigning or contact.

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Interaction Statuses

You can full tailor your interaction statuses to suit your needs.

By default, we have configured a number of Interaction Statuses to help you get started. However, you can create your own Interaction status to meet your specific need. By adding a description, this will make it clearer to your organizers the meaning of each new status that you create.

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We provide you with the ability to customize the rating description so that your team are all on the same page when it comes to how they rate each of their interactions.

Further more, we allow you to tailor the description of each of the star ratings - 1 through 5 - which should make it super clear to your organizers what each star rating means. This will give you consistency in the data that is captured!

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Permission SettingsĀ 

You can manage and control access levels for a variety of features and functionalities within your account based on the permission level setting.

We appreciate that our customers can have varying security requirements and compliance controls. As a result we have made available many permission settings for you to configure.

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Conducting surveys is an ideal and convenient method for data gathering for whatever your research purpose is. You can build many survey questionnaires using Ecanvasser and assign to everyone within your account or to dedicated teams.

Our flexible survey solution offers you superb analytics for greater precision in terms of measuring the data gathered.

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Talking Points

Talking Points are the direct line of communication to everyone in your organization, direct to their phones. Pushing Talking Points to your entire membership gives you control over how your teams interact and campaign in the community.

It allows you to adjust messaging in real-time based on events as they happen.

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App Preview

The App Preview feature shows you exactly what your Organizers will see on the main Interaction screen within the mobile app while they are recording interactions.

As you start to customize your settings, the App Preview section on the left of the screen is automatically updated.

This gives you a real time view of precisely what your Organizers will view:

App Preview enables you to switch between both Android and iOS Apps, as well as viewing the App for all Permission Levels.

This allows you to view any changes you make on the Customize Page

If you have any additional questions on your dashboard, please contact:

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